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Thermobreak® RT-N is an innovative new insulation designed specifically for vehicles requiring electrically non-conductive materials. The new scrim material offers great strength and puncture resistance whilst also being non-conductive making it ideal for use in modern electric vehicles. Underneath this new scrim is the same high quality physically crosslinked polyolefin foam as used in Thermobreak® RT with excellent permeability and thermal conductivity performance.


Market Leading Performance

  • Thermobreak® RT-N has the lowest thermal conductivity of any flexible foam insulation material; 0.032W/mK (23°C) (0.22 @ 73° F).
  • Thermobreak® RT-N is extremely lightweight meaning a reduction in the total weight of the vehicle resulting in increased energy efficiency.
  • Manufactured using electrically non-conductive materials.

Easy to Fabricate & Install

Thermobreak® RT has been specifically designed with ease of fabrication and installation in mind.

  • Optional factory applied pressure sensitive adhesive backing
  • Easy to cut with conventional equipment
  • Fibre free
  • No surface sealing (encapsulation) required

Environmental, Health & Safety

Thermobreak® RT is manufactured to ISO 14001 environmental management standards and supports environmental initiatives and directives.

  • Compliance to REACH directive
  • Compliance to RoHS directive
  • Zero ODP (Montreal Protocol)
  • Zero PVC, zero formaldehyde
  • Resistance to mould growth
  • Low GWP

Transit Vehicle Insulation

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