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Thermobreak® SolarBlock uses Sekisui’s unique physically crosslinked closed cell polyolefin foam sandwiched between two layers of reinforced highly reflective aluminum foil. The end result is a pliable thermal insulation that reflects radiant heat & reduces conduction heat transfer making Thermobreak SolarBlock ideal for roof and building envelope insulation.


Optimum Technical Performance

  • Low emissivity foil facing reflects radiant heat.
  • Lowest thermal conductivity of any flexible foam insulation (k = 0.031 W/mK @ 23 Deg C).
  • Negligible water vapour permeance (3.2 x 10-15 Kg/Pa.s.m) means no additional vapour barriers or coatings are required.
  • Resistant to mould and fungal growth.
  • Resistant to elevated temperatures and humidity.

Independently Tested & Certified

  • Fire rated to BS 476 Class 0.
  • Meets ASTM C1224 Standard Specification for Reflective Building Insulation.
  • ASTM E 84, UL 723 (25/450)

Health, Safety and the Environment

  • Low VOC (GBCA Green Star, GBCS 3 Ticks).
  • Non-irritant, odourless, and will not support bacterial growth.
  • Completely user friendly and does not emit fibres or dust during installation or in service.
  • Manufactured under a certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management system.

Building Insulation

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