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Sekisui Foam International has developed a range of innovative and time saving tools designed to assist consulting engineers in the specification and use of Thermobreak insulation products.

There are currently 3 online calculator programs to choose from


Thermacalc Thickness Selection Program

Calculate minimum thickness of Thermobreak to prevent condensation, and associated heat flow improvement compared to uninsulated equivalent.


Acousticalc Duct Lining Acoustic Properties Program

Calculate noise attenuation (“insertion loss”) through a duct lined with Thermobreak Acoustiplus insulation and compare with uninsulated equivalent.


Temperature Profiles Program

Calculate process temperature along a duct or pipe or inside a tank insulated with Thermobreak and compare with uninsulated equivalent.

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These programs are designed to assist in the specification and use of Thermobreak® insulation products ONLY. The use of the program with other insulation products will lead to erroneous results.

All assumptions and recommendations are made in good faith, however, due to the complex and varied conditions of these applications, no legal responsibility is accepted for such recommendations.

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