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Insulation Australasia recently highlighted the fact that “May 2020 marks a significant milestone for change in the Australian Insulation industry as it is the drop dead date for compliance to the revised insulation standard AS/NZS 4859.1.2018 under NCC 2019.” The amended AS/NZS4859.1:2018 imposes a significant change to the method used to test, calculate and declare the thermal performance of insulation materials. We strongly recommend that you read Insulation Australasia’s media release to understand the implications. (Reference: Industry Alert – NCC2019 ASNZS4859.1.2018 Compliance).

Sekisui Foam Australia utilizes the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) CodeMark Australia Certification scheme to demonstrate that our Thermobreak® Insulation products meet the ‘Evidence of Suitability’ requirements of the BCA. For more information on The CodeMark Australia Certification Scheme refer to

The Codemark Certificate of Conformity CM20068 provides certification that Sekisui Foam Australia’s Thermobreak® & Thermobreak®Tube products comply with relevant BCA provisions and State or Territory variation(s) of BCA 2019.

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