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Thermobreak® RT Tube

A premium performance pipe insulation offering lower installation costs and maximum energy savings. Thermobreak® RT Tube is a preformed closed cell physically crosslinked polyolefin foam tube insulation with reinforced foil facing for steel, plastic and copper pipes.


Optimum Technical Performance

  • Solves tight clearance issues with its very low thermal conductivity (k = 0.032 W/mK @ 23oC (0.22 @ 73oF).
  • Negligible water vapour permeance of 2.3 x 10-15 Kg/Pa.s.m (0.002 perm-inch) means no additional vapour barriers or coatings are required.

Fire and Smoke Standards Approved

  • Extensively tested to various international fire and smoke standards, such as British (BS), ASTM, Australian (AS), ISO, and UL Standards.
  • Numerous National body approvals (PSB, HKFS, BOMBA, Qatar Civil Defence, Bahrain Civil Defence, Dubai Municipality).

Easy to Use

  • Thermobreak® RT Tube is preformed and easy to cut contributing to reduced installation time of mechanical services that may be installed afterwards.
  • Thermobreak® RT Tube has a pre-slit longitudinal opening for ease of use.

Transit Vehicle Insulation

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